Dee's Commitments



Inclusion. In our schools, classrooms, and relationships.

Our schools, classrooms, and relationships recognize that our diversity is our strength.  Having the wholeness of our identities, abilities, and circumstances included and valued in every classroom is a necessary condition for learning that celebrates every child every day.   

I commit to:

  • Participating and advocating in the K-12 Public Education Funding Review Process
  • Strengthening investment in staff and expert resources that increase early-and-easy assessment, intervention and resources for students with special needs
  • Increasing evidence-based mental health support services
  • Creating safe spaces and supports for LGBTQ2S+ students and implementing SOGI 1 2 3
  • Stigma-free school nutrition and food security programs, so every child has access to healthy food
  • Recognizing and valuing the diverse wisdom, culture, and languages of families in schools and classrooms.
  • Strengthening Aboriginal Education with resources and professional development

Learning. Helping students shine bright.

We celebrate pathways to learning that strengthen the range of choice and challenges available to meet the aspirations and needs of all students. Learning must deliver technical and foundational skills, but also enable students to be creative and adapt in an increasingly complex world.   With new curriculum as our palette, creating a culture where teachers, support workers and administrators can bring their enthusiasm and expertise to an enriched learning environment.

I commit to:

  • Enabling the successful implementation of the new curriculum and graduation requirements
  • Expanding early and middle grade reading, writing and numeracy skill development
  • Enhancing creative and performing arts through policy, partnerships, and new funding
  • Professional growth and development for teachers includes commitments to collaboration time, peer-learning, and classroom innovation grants

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