My Story

New Westminster is my community.

I loved growing up in New West.  I had access to great parks and recreations, schools and a wonderful community.

I was adopted when I was one by a caring New Westminster family. They raised me in Sapperton and I went to Sir Richard McBride.

Sadly in 1968 a devastating car crash crippled both my parents and I had to grow up very quickly.

In high school at NWSS, I struggled to manage schoolwork and family and was always worried about falling behind. That’s when I realized the power of education, and how important it is to have access to teachers and staff that care you. That’s when I decided to dedicate my life to teaching.

I became an Education Assistant over 25 years ago. I spent my days working with many students in need and raised my 2 boys, Jason and Trevor.

Six years ago I was supporting a young student who was having serious trouble at home. I spoke to my husband Ron, and I said we really have to do something. Over a five year period - we fostered her and her 5 siblings until they could be reunited and transitioned back to family. One child remains with us and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of raising such a smart, talented child.

Education has been the passion of my life. I think every child should have the support and opportunities they need to thrive.

New Westminster is a great place to raise children and my grandchildren are future New West students. I love the people and I love the history. I was a student and now parent of the New Westminster school system.

But we can do better. As an Education Assistant and Inner City Secondary Support Worker – I’ve seen how our most vulnerable children are falling between the gaps.

We need to support Every Child, Every Day.

That is why I’m running to be a New Westminster School Trustee.

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